Interface AsyncMessageBodyWriter<T>

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      • asyncWriteTo

        CompletionStage<Void> asyncWriteTo​(T t,
                                           Class<?> type,
                                           Type genericType,
                                           Annotation[] annotations,
                                 <String,​Object> httpHeaders,
                                           AsyncOutputStream entityStream)
        Write a type to an HTTP message using async IO. The message header map is mutable but any changes must be made before writing to the async output stream since the headers will be flushed prior to writing the message body.
        t - the instance to write.
        type - the class of instance that is to be written.
        genericType - the type of instance to be written. GenericEntity provides a way to specify this information at runtime.
        annotations - an array of the annotations attached to the message entity instance.
        mediaType - the media type of the HTTP entity.
        httpHeaders - a mutable map of the HTTP message headers.
        entityStream - the AsyncOutputStream for the HTTP entity. The implementation should not close the output stream.
        a CompletionStage indicating completion
        IOException - if an IO error arises (in the returned CompletionStage) - if a specific HTTP error response needs to be produced (in the returned CompletionStage). Only effective if thrown prior to the message being committed.