Interface ContextInjector<WrappedType,​UnwrappedType>

  • Type Parameters:
    WrappedType - A class that wraps a data type or data object (e.g. Single<Foo>)
    UnwrappedType - The data type or data object declared in the WrappedType (e.g. Foo)

    public interface ContextInjector<WrappedType,​UnwrappedType>
    • Method Detail

      • resolve

        WrappedType resolve​(Class<? extends WrappedType> rawType,
                            Type genericType,
                            Annotation[] annotations)
        This interface allows users to create custom injectable asynchronous types. Async injection is only attempted at points where asynchronous injection is permitted, such as on resource creation and resource method invocation. It is not enabled at points where the API does not allow for suspending the request
        rawType - raw type
        genericType - generic type
        annotations - The annotation list is useful to parametrize the injection.
        wrapped type