Class ResteasyUriBuilder

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    public abstract class ResteasyUriBuilder
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      • opaqueUri

        public static final Pattern opaqueUri
      • hierarchicalUri

        public static final Pattern hierarchicalUri
    • Constructor Detail

      • ResteasyUriBuilder

        public ResteasyUriBuilder()
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      • clone

        public abstract clone()
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        clone in class
      • compare

        public static boolean compare​(String s1,
                                      String s2)
      • relativize

        public static URI relativize​(URI from,
                                     URI to)
      • fromTemplate

        public static ResteasyUriBuilder fromTemplate​(String uriTemplate)
        You may put path parameters anywhere within the uriTemplate except port.
        uriTemplate - uri template
        uri builder
      • uriTemplate

        public abstract uriTemplate​(CharSequence uriTemplate)
        You may put path parameters anywhere within the uriTemplate except port.
        uriTemplate - uri template
        uri builder
      • substitutePathParam

        public abstract substitutePathParam​(String name,
                                                                          Object value,
                                                                          boolean isEncoded)
        Only replace path params in path of URI. This changes state of URIBuilder.
        name - parameter name
        value - parameter value
        isEncoded - encoded flag
        uri builder
      • getPathParamNamesInDeclarationOrder

        public abstract List<String> getPathParamNamesInDeclarationOrder()
        Return a unique order list of path params.
        list of path parameters
      • clientQueryParam

        public abstract clientQueryParam​(String name,
                                                                       Object... values)
                                                                throws IllegalArgumentException
        Called by ClientRequest.getUri() to add a query parameter for @QueryParam parameters. We do not use UriBuilder.queryParam() because
        • queryParam() supports URI template processing and this method must always encode braces (for parameter substitution is not possible for @QueryParam parameters).
        • queryParam() supports "contextual URI encoding" (i.e., it does not encode % characters that are followed by two hex characters). The JavaDoc for @QueryParam.value() explicitly states that the value is specified in decoded format and that "any percent encoded literals within the value will not be decoded and will instead be treated as literal text". This means that it is an explicit bug to perform contextual URI encoding of this method's name parameter; hence, we must always encode said parameter. This method also foregoes contextual URI encoding on this method's values parameter because it represents arbitrary data passed to a QueryParam parameter of a client proxy (since the client proxy is nothing more than a transport layer, it should not be "interpreting" such data; instead, it should faithfully transmit this data over the wire).
        name - the name of the query parameter.
        values - the value(s) of the query parameter.
        Returns this instance to allow call chaining.
      • getHost

        public abstract String getHost()
      • getScheme

        public abstract String getScheme()
      • getPort

        public abstract int getPort()
      • getUserInfo

        public abstract String getUserInfo()
      • getPath

        public abstract String getPath()
      • getQuery

        public abstract String getQuery()
      • getFragment

        public abstract String getFragment()