Class ClientInvocation

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    public class ClientInvocation
    extends Object
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    Bill Burke
    • Method Detail

      • extractResult

        public static <T> T extractResult​(<T> responseType,
                                          Annotation[] annotations)
        Extracts result from response throwing an appropriate exception if not a successful response.
        Type Parameters:
        T - type
        responseType - generic type
        response - response entity
        annotations - array of annotations
        extracted result of type T
      • handleErrorStatus

        public static <T> T handleErrorStatus​( response)
        Throw an exception. Expecting a status of 400 or greater.
        Type Parameters:
        T - type
        response - response entity
      • setDelegatingOutputStream

        public void setDelegatingOutputStream​(DelegatingOutputStream delegatingOutputStream)
      • setEntityStream

        public void setEntityStream​(OutputStream entityStream)
      • getUri

        public URI getUri()
      • setUri

        public void setUri​(URI uri)
      • getEntityAnnotations

        public Annotation[] getEntityAnnotations()
      • setEntityAnnotations

        public void setEntityAnnotations​(Annotation[] entityAnnotations)
      • getMethod

        public String getMethod()
      • setMethod

        public void setMethod​(String method)
      • getMutableProperties

        public Map<String,​Object> getMutableProperties()
      • getEntity

        public Object getEntity()
      • getEntityGenericType

        public Type getEntityGenericType()
      • getEntityClass

        public Class<?> getEntityClass()
      • setEntity

        public void setEntity​(<?> entity)
      • setEntityObject

        public void setEntityObject​(Object ent)
      • getWriterInterceptors

        public[] getWriterInterceptors()
      • getRequestFilters

        public[] getRequestFilters()
      • getResponseFilters

        public[] getResponseFilters()
      • getConfiguration

        public getConfiguration()
      • isChunked

        public boolean isChunked()
      • setChunked

        public void setChunked​(boolean chunked)
      • invoke

        public ClientResponse invoke()
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface
      • invoke

        public <T> T invoke​(Class<T> responseType)
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface
      • invoke

        public <T> T invoke​(<T> responseType)
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface
      • submit

        public Future<> submit()
        Specified by:
        submit in interface
      • submit

        public <T> Future<T> submit​(Class<T> responseType)
        Specified by:
        submit in interface
      • submit

        public <T> Future<T> submit​(<T> responseType)
        Specified by:
        submit in interface
      • submit

        public <T> Future<T> submit​(<T> callback)
        Specified by:
        submit in interface
      • asyncInvocationExecutor

        public ExecutorService asyncInvocationExecutor()
      • submitCF

        public <T> CompletableFuture<T> submitCF​(<T> responseType)
      • reactive

        public Optional<org.jboss.resteasy.client.jaxrs.internal.ClientInvocation.ReactiveInvocation> reactive()
        If the client's HTTP engine implements ReactiveClientHttpEngine then you can access the latter's Publisher via this method.
      • property

        public property​(String name,
                                                        Object value)
        Specified by:
        property in interface
      • setClientInvoker

        public void setClientInvoker​(ClientInvoker clientInvoker)
      • setActualTarget

        public void setActualTarget​( target)
      • getActualTarget

        public getActualTarget()