Class Expression

    • Field Detail

      • GROUP

        public static final Pattern GROUP
      • pathExpression

        protected String pathExpression
      • regex

        protected String regex
      • pattern

        protected Pattern pattern
      • literalCharacters

        protected int literalCharacters
      • numCapturingGroups

        protected int numCapturingGroups
      • numNonDefaultGroups

        protected int numNonDefaultGroups
    • Constructor Detail

      • Expression

        public Expression​(String segment,
                          String additionalRegex)
    • Method Detail

      • groupCount

        protected static int groupCount​(String regex)
        Find the number of groups in the regular expression don't count escaped '('.
        regex - regular expression
        number of groups
      • isStatic

        public boolean isStatic()
      • getNumGroups

        public int getNumGroups()
      • getRegex

        public String getRegex()
      • getPathExpression

        public String getPathExpression()
      • getPattern

        public Pattern getPattern()