Interface Messages

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    public interface Messages
    $Revision: 1.1 $ Copyright Aug 24, 2015
    Ron Sigal
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      • collectionWrappingFailedLocalPart

                 value="Collection wrapping failed, expected root element name of {0} got {1}",
        String collectionWrappingFailedLocalPart​(String element,
                                                 String localPart)
      • collectionWrappingFailedNamespace

                 value="Collection wrapping failed, expect namespace of {0} got {1}",
        String collectionWrappingFailedNamespace​(String namespace,
                                                 String uri)
      • couldNotFindJAXBContextFinder

                 value="Could not find JAXBContextFinder for media type: %s")
        String couldNotFindJAXBContextFinder​( mediaType)
      • createMethodNotFound

                 value="The method create%s() was not found in the object Factory!")
        String createMethodNotFound​(Class<?> type)
      • errorTryingToLoadSchema

                 value="Error while trying to load schema for %s")
        String errorTryingToLoadSchema​(String schema)
      • mapWrappedFailedKeyAttribute

                 value="Map wrapped failed, could not find map entry key attribute")
        String mapWrappedFailedKeyAttribute()
      • mapWrappingFailedLocalPart

                 value="Map wrapping failed, expected root element name of {0} got {1}",
        String mapWrappingFailedLocalPart​(String map,
                                          String localPart)
      • mapWrappingFailedNamespace

                 value="Map wrapping failed, expect namespace of {0} got {1}",
        String mapWrappingFailedNamespace​(String map,
                                          String namespace)
      • namespacePrefixMapperNotInClassPath

                 value="Could not create NamespacePrefixMapper. You need to use the JAXB RI for the prefix mapping feature")
        jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBException namespacePrefixMapperNotInClassPath​(@Cause
                                                                           Throwable cause)
      • unexpectedUse

                 value="SecureUnmarshaller: unexpected use of unmarshal(%s)")
        String unexpectedUse​(String s)
      • unableToFindJAXBContext

                 value="Unable to find JAXBContext for media type: %s")
        String unableToFindJAXBContext​( mediaType)
      • validXmlRegistryCouldNotBeLocated

                 value="A valid XmlRegistry could not be located.")
        String validXmlRegistryCouldNotBeLocated()
      • couldNotFindUsersJAXBContext

                 value="Could not find user\'s JAXBContext implementation for media type: %s")
        String couldNotFindUsersJAXBContext​( mediaType)
      • couldNotAddProperty

                 value="Could not add property %s or renamed %s with value %s.")
        jakarta.xml.bind.PropertyException couldNotAddProperty​(String first,
                                                               String second,
                                                               Object value)
      • couldNotAddProperty

        @Message("Could not add property %s  with value %s.")
        jakarta.xml.bind.PropertyException couldNotAddProperty​(String name,
                                                               Object value)
      • couldNotGetProperty

                 value="Could not get property %s or renamed %s.")
        jakarta.xml.bind.PropertyException couldNotGetProperty​(String first,
                                                               String second)
      • couldNotGetProperty

        @Message("Could not get property %s.")
        jakarta.xml.bind.PropertyException couldNotGetProperty​(String name)