Class ReactorNettyJaxrsServer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EmbeddedJaxrsServer<ReactorNettyJaxrsServer>, EmbeddedServer

    public class ReactorNettyJaxrsServer
    extends Object
    implements EmbeddedJaxrsServer<ReactorNettyJaxrsServer>
    A server adapter built on top of reactor-netty. Similar to the adapter built on top of netty4, this adapter will ultimately run on Netty rails. Leveraging reactor-netty brings 3 main benefits, which are: 1. Reactor-netty's HttpServer + handle(req, resp) API is a little closer match to how a normal HTTP server works. Basically, it should be easier for an HTTP web server person to maintain compared to a raw Netty implementation. However, this assumes you don't have to delve into reactor-netty! 2. Reactor Netty puts a reactor facade on top of Netty. The Observable+Iterable programming paradigm is more general purpose than Netty's IO-centric Channel concept. In theory, it should be more beneficial to learn:) 3. When paired with a Netty-based client (e.g. the JAX-RS client powered by reactor-netty), the threadpool can be efficiently shared between the client and the server.