Interface Messages

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    public interface Messages
    $Revision: 1.1 $ Copyright Aug 29, 2015
    Ron Sigal
    • Method Detail

      • bodyHashesDoNotMatch

                 value="Body hashes do not match.")
        String bodyHashesDoNotMatch()
      • certificateNorPublicKeySet

                 value="Certificate nor public key properties set")
        String certificateNorPublicKeySet()
      • certificateObjectNotSet

                 value="The certificate object was not set.")
        String certificateObjectNotSet()
      • checkDNS

                 value=">>>> Check DNS: %s")
        String checkDNS​(String alias)
      • couldNotFindMessageBodyReader

                 value="Could not find a message body reader for type: %s")
        String couldNotFindMessageBodyReader​(String className)
      • couldNotFindPublicKey

                 value="Could not find PublicKey for DKIMSignature %s")
        String couldNotFindPublicKey​(DKIMSignature signature)
      • dnsRecordFound

                 value=">>>> DNS found record: %s")
        String dnsRecordFound​(String record)
      • domainAttributeIsRequired

                 value="domain attribute is required in header to find a key.")
        String domainAttributeIsRequired()
      • expectedValue

                 value="Expected value \'\'{0}\'\' got \'\'{1}\'\' for attribute \'\'{2}\'\'",
        String expectedValue​(String expectedValue,
                             String value,
                             String attribute)
      • failedToFindPublicKey

                 value="Failed to find public key in DNS %s")
        String failedToFindPublicKey​(String alias)
      • failedToFindWriter

                 value="Failed to find writer for type: %s")
        String failedToFindWriter​(String className)
      • failedToParseBodyHash

                 value="Failed to parse body hash (bh)")
        String failedToParseBodyHash()
      • failedToSign

                 value="Failed to sign")
        String failedToSign()
      • failedToVerifySignature

                 value="Failed to verify signature.")
        String failedToVerifySignature()
      • failedToVerifySignatures

                 value="Failed to verify signatures:")
        String failedToVerifySignatures()
      • malformedSignatureHeader

                 value="Malformed %s header")
        String malformedSignatureHeader​(String signature)
      • noKeyToVerifyWith

                 value="No key to verify with.")
        String noKeyToVerifyWith()
      • noPEntry

                 value="No p entry in text record.")
        String noPEntry()
      • pem

                 value="pem: %s")
        String pem​(String pem)
      • privateKeyIsNull

                 value="private key is null, cannot sign")
        String privateKeyIsNull()
      • publicKeyIsNull

                 value="Public key is null.")
        String publicKeyIsNull()
      • signatureExpired

                 value="Signature expired")
        String signatureExpired()
      • signatureIsStale

                 value="Signature is stale")
        String signatureIsStale()
      • thereWasNoBodyHash

                 value="There was no body hash (bh) in header")
        String thereWasNoBodyHash()
      • thereWasNoSignatureHeader

                 value="There was no %s header")
        String thereWasNoSignatureHeader​(String signature)
      • unableToFindHeader

                 value="Unable to find header {0} {1} to sign header with",
        String unableToFindHeader​(String header,
                                  String index)
      • unableToFindKey

                 value="Unable to find key to sign message. Repository returned null. ")
        String unableToFindKey()
      • unableToFindKeyStore

                 value="Unable to find key store in path: %s")
        String unableToFindKeyStore​(String path)
      • unableToLocatePrivateKey

                 value="Unable to locate a private key to sign message, repository is null.")
        String unableToLocatePrivateKey()
      • unsupportedAlgorithm

                 value="Unsupported algorithm %s")
        String unsupportedAlgorithm​(String algorithm)
      • unsupportedKeyType

                 value="Unsupported key type: %s")
        String unsupportedKeyType​(String type)