Package org.ajax4jsf.component

Base APIs of AJAX-enabled components


Interface Summary
AjaxChildrenEncoder Marker interface for components, have ability to manipulate rendering in case of Ajax responses.
AjaxComponent Base Interface for Ajax-enabled acting components.
AjaxContainer Extend Ajax-enabled region to support event listeners on Ajax requests.
AjaxContainerBase Base interface for controller component, managed AJAX Requests.
AjaxDataEncoder Interface for iterable component, allowed for render given set of rows in ajax response.
AjaxOutput Marker interface for all JSF components, encoded ( or not ) on rendering Ajax request , depend on it self properties ( such as messages, help or like components )
AjaxSupport Version of AjaxComponent for append Ajax functions for non-ajax components
IterationStateHolder In the original UIData component, only state for a EditableValueHolder component saved for an iteration.
JavaScriptParameter Interface for extend UIParameter component by handling isertion parameters into JavaScript code as references, not string literals.

Package org.ajax4jsf.component Description

Base APIs of AJAX-enabled components

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