Uses of Class

Packages that use FilterField
org.richfaces.component Base RichFaces components interfaces and classes 
org.richfaces.model Model APIs of RichFaces components 

Uses of FilterField in org.richfaces.component

Methods in org.richfaces.component that return types with arguments of type FilterField
 java.util.List<FilterField> Filterable.getFilterFields()

Method parameters in org.richfaces.component with type arguments of type FilterField
 void Filterable.setFilterFields(java.util.List<FilterField> filterFields)

Uses of FilterField in org.richfaces.model

Subclasses of FilterField in org.richfaces.model
 class ExtendedFilterField

Method parameters in org.richfaces.model with type arguments of type FilterField
 void Modifiable.modify(java.util.List<FilterField> filterFields, java.util.List<SortField2> sortFields)

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