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6.8.5.  < rich:menuSeparator > available since 3.0.0

The <rich:menuSeparator> component is used for the definition of a horizontal separator that can be placed between groups or items.

Table 6.177. rich : menuSeparator attributes

Attribute Name Description
binding JSF: The attribute takes a value-binding expression for a component property of a backing bean
id JSF: Every component may have a unique id that is automatically created if omitted
rendered JSF: If "false", this component is not rendered

Table 6.178. Component identification parameters


Here is a simple example as it could be used on a page:




import org.richfaces.component.html.HtmlMenuSeparator;  

HtmlMenuSeparator myMenuSeparator = new HtmlMenuSeparator();

For skinnability implementation, the components use a style class redefinition method. Default style classes are mapped on skin parameters.

There are two ways to redefine the appearance of all <rich:menuSeparator> components at once:

On the screenshot there are classes names that define styles for component elements.

In order to redefine styles for all <rich:menuSeparator> components on a page using CSS, it's enough to create classes with the same names (possible classes could be found in the tables above) and define necessary properties in them.


border-color: #acbece;

This is a result:

In the example a menu separator border color was changed.

On the component LiveDemo page you can see the example of <rich:menuSeparator> usage and sources for the given example.