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Chapter 5. Containers

5.1. <a4j:outputPanel>
5.1.1. Aiding complex Ajax rendering
5.1.2. Panel appearance
5.1.3. Reference data
5.2. <a4j:region>
5.2.1. Reference data

This chapter details those components in the r tag library which define an area used as a container or wrapper for other components.

The <a4j:outputPanel> component is used to group together components in to update them as a whole, rather than having to specify the components individually.

The <a4j:region> component specifies a part of the JSF component tree to be processed on the server. The region causes all the r Ajax controls to execute: decoding, validating, and updating the model. The region causes these components to execute even if not explicitly declared. As such, processing areas can more easily be marked using a declarative approach.

Regions can be nested, in which case only the parent region of the component initiating the request will be processed.