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Chapter 14. Drag and drop

14.1. <rich:dragSource>
14.1.1. Basic usage
14.1.2. Dragging an object
14.1.3. Reference data
14.2. <rich:dropTarget>
14.2.1. Basic usage
14.2.2. Handling dropped data
14.2.3. Reference data
14.2.4. Style classes
14.3. <rich:dragIndicator>
14.3.1. Basic usage
14.3.2. Styling the indicator
14.3.3. Reference data
14.3.4. Style classes

Read this chapter for details on adding drag and drop support to controls.

The <rich:dragSource> component can be added to a component to indicate it is capable of being dragged by the user. The dragged item can then be dropped into a compatible drop area, designated using the <rich:dropTarget> component.

The <rich:dropTarget> component can be added to a component so that the component can accept dragged items. The dragged items must be defined with a compatible drop type for the <rich:dragSource> component.

The <rich:dragIndicator> component defines a graphical element to display under the mouse cursor during a drag-and-drop operation.