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6.5.2.  < a4j:portlet > available since 3.0.0

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The <a4j:portlet> component is DEPRECATED as far as JSR-301 was defined a same functionality for a UIViewRoot component. Thus, it is implicitly defined by mandatory <f:view> component.

The main component purpose is realization of possibility to create several instances the same portlet on one page. But clientId of elements should be different for each window. In that case namespace is used for each portlet. The <a4j:portlet> implemets NaimingContainer interface and adds namespace to all componets on a page. All portlet content should be wrapped by <a4j:portlet> for resolving problems mentioned before.

Table of <a4j:portlet> attributes.

Visit the Portlet page at RichFaces LiveDemo for examples of component usage and their sources.

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