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6.14.8.  <rich:messages> available since 3.1.0

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The <rich:messages> component is similar to <rich:message> component but used for rendering all messages for the components.

The component has the same behavior as standard <h:message> component. Besides some extra features:

The following example shows different variants of customization of the component.

<rich:messages layout="table" tooltip="true" showDetail="false" showSummary="true">
      <f:facet name="errorMarker">
            <h:graphicImage url="/image/error.png"/>
      <f:facet name="infoMarker">
            <h:graphicImage url="/image/info.png"/>

The <rich:messages> component keeps all messages for all components even after only one Ajax-validated component was updated.

Table of <rich:messages> attributes.

You can find all necessary information about style classes redefinition in
Definition of Custom Style Classes section.

Visit the Messages page at RichFaces LiveDemo for examples of component usage and their sources.