Tag region

This tag defines a part of the JSF Tree that is to be decoded on the server side during AJAX request processing

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.ajax4jsf.taglib.html.jsp.AjaxRegion
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameAjax Region

(signature must match void ajaxListener(org.ajax4jsf.event.AjaxEvent))
MethodExpression representing an action listener method that will be notified when this component is activated by the ajax Request and handle it. The expression must evaluate to a public method that takes an AjaxEvent parameter, with a return type of void
(must evaluate to javax.faces.component.UIComponent)
The attribute takes a value-binding expression for a component property of a backing bean
idfalsefalsejava.lang.StringEvery component may have a unique id that is automatically created if omitted
(must evaluate to boolean)
Flag indicating that, if this component is activated by ajaxrequest, notifications should be delivered to interested listeners and actions immediately (that is, during Apply Request Values phase) rather than waiting until Invoke Application phase
(must evaluate to boolean)
Excludes all the components from the outside of the region from updating on the page on Renderer Response phase. Default value is "false".
(must evaluate to boolean)
If "false", this component is not rendered
(must evaluate to boolean)
if "true", self-render subtree at InvokeApplication ( or Decode, if immediate property set to true ) phase

No Variables Defined.

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