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Tag actionparam

A combination of the functionality of two JSF tags, <f:actionListener>; and <f:param>. At the render phase, it's decoded by parent component (<h:commandLink>; or like) as usual. <br /> At the process request phase, if the parent component performs an action event, update the value specified in the "assignTo" attribute as its value. <br /> If a converter attribute is specified, use it to encode and decode the value to a string stored in the html parameter. <br />

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.ajax4jsf.taglib.html.jsp.ActionParam
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

(signature must match void actionListener(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent))
A method binding that refers to a method with this signature: void methodName(ActionEvent)
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
EL expression for updatable bean property. This property will be updated if the parent command component performs an actionEvent.
(must evaluate to javax.faces.component.UIComponent)
The attribute takes a value-binding expression for a component property of a backing bean
(must evaluate to javax.faces.convert.Converter)
ID of a converter to be used or a reference to a converter.
idfalsefalsejava.lang.StringEvery component may have a unique id that is automatically created if omitted
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
A name of this parameter
(must evaluate to boolean)
If set to true, the value will not enclosed within single quotes and there will be no escaping of characters. This allows the use of the value as JavaScript code for calculating value on the client-side. This doesn't work with non-AJAX components.
(must evaluate to java.lang.Object)
An initial value or a value binding

No Variables Defined.

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