Tag treeToggleListener

Associates tree toggle listener with component in order to listen for tree toggling events on server-side.

Tag Information
Handler Class org.richfaces.view.facelets.TreeToggleListenerHandler

Name Required Type Description
for false java.lang.String If present, this attribute refers to the value of one of the exposed attached objects within the composite component inside of which this tag is nested.
binding false javax.el.ValueExpression Value binding expression that evaluates to an object that implements TreeToggleListener.
listener false javax.el.ValueExpression MethodExpression representing an action listener method that will be notified when this component is activated by the user. The expression must evaluate to a public method that takes an TreeToggleEvent parameter, with a return type of void, or to a public method that takes no arguments with a return type of void
type false javax.el.ValueExpression Fully qualified Java class name of an TreeToggleListener to be created and registered.

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