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Chapter 6. Validating Artifacts

6.1. Static Validation of Artifact
6.2. Validation between Artifacts
6.2.1. Dynamically verify the service implementation
6.2.2. Statically verify the externally observable behavior
6.2.3. Conformance between Artifacts

There are two approaches that can be used to validate artifacts.

For certain artifact types, that represent either global (e.g. Choreography) or local (e.g. Process) behaviour, a protocol definition can be derived that expresses the externally observable behaviour.

This behaviour can then be validated to determine certain properties. Currently only a limited set of validation rules are provided, but these will be extended in future versions.

To enable this type of validation, it is necessary to explicitly set a property on the Eclipse resource. This can be achieved by selecting the Properties menu item associated with the resource, and accessing the Savara->Validation node:

When enabled, the validation will place any errors or warnings detected in the Problems view. When a problem (error/warning) is selected, it will open the appropriate editor and focus on the element that is associated with the problem.