Annotation Type DataModel

public @interface DataModel

Outjects a collection to the same scope as the owning component (or to the EVENT scope in the case of a stateless component), after wrapping as a JSF DataModel (a List as a ListDataModel, a Map as a MapDataModel, a Set as a SetDataModel, an array as an ArrayDataModel). Note that the List, Map, Set or array will be re-wrapped and re-outjected each time the current component value is different to the value held by the context variable as determined by calling equals() on the underlying collection.

Gavin King
See Also:
ListDataModel, MapDataModel, SetDataModel, ArrayDataModel

Optional Element Summary
 ScopeType scope
          Specifies the scope to outject the DataModel to.
 String value
          The context variable name.


public abstract String value
The context variable name. Defaults to the name of the annotated field or getter method.



public abstract ScopeType scope
Specifies the scope to outject the DataModel to. If no scope is explicitly specified, the scope of the component with the @DataModel attribute is used. But if the component scope is STATELESS, the EVENT scope is used.

ScopeType.UNSPECIFIED or ScopeType.PAGE