@Namespace(value="http://jboss.com/products/seam/core", prefix="org.jboss.seam.core") @AutoCreate

Package org.jboss.seam.core

A set of Seam components that implement Seam.


Interface Summary
Expressions.MethodExpression<T> A method expression - an EL expression that evaluates to a method.
Expressions.ValueExpression<T> A value expression - an EL expression that evaluates to an attribute getter or get/set pair.
Mutable Must be implemented by any SESSION or CONVERSATION scoped mutable JavaBean component that will be used in a clustered environment.

Class Summary
AbstractMutable Base helper implementation of Mutable
BijectionInterceptor Before invoking the component, inject all dependencies.
Contexts Provides access to the current contexts associated with the thread.
Conversation Allows the conversation timeout to be set per-conversation, and the conversation description and switchable outcome to be set when the application requires workspace management functionality.
ConversationalInterceptor Check that a conversational bean is not being invoked outside the scope of a long-running conversation.
ConversationEntries Manages a map of conversation id to ConversationEntry in the session context.
ConversationEntry Metadata about an active conversation.
ConversationInterceptor Implements annotation-based conversation demarcation.
ConversationList Factory for the conversation list
ConversationPropagation Overrideable component for extracting the conversation id from a request.
ConversationStack Factory for the "breadcrumbs", a stack with all parent conversations of the current conversation.
EventInterceptor Raises Seam events connected with a bean lifecycle.
Events Support for Seam component-driven events
Expressions Factory for EL method and value expressions.
Init A Seam component that holds Seam configuration settings
Interpolator Interpolates EL expressions in Strings
Locale Manager component for the current locale.
Manager The Seam conversation manager.
MethodContextInterceptor Sets up the METHOD context and unproxies the SFSB for the duration of the call.
PojoCache Integration with JBoss Cache
ResourceBundle Manager component for the Seam resource bundle
ResourceLoader Access to application resources and resource bundles.
SeamResourceBundle The Seam resource bundle which searches for resources in delegate resource bundles specified in pages.xml, and a configurable list of delegate resource bundles specified in components.xml.
SynchronizationInterceptor Serializes calls to a component.
Validators Caches instances of Hibernate Validator ClassValidator

Enum Summary
PropagationType Various options controlling how a conversation is propagated.

Package org.jboss.seam.core Description

A set of Seam components that implement Seam. This is where the magic happens.