Package org.jboss.seam.faces

A set of Seam components for working with JSF.


Class Summary
BusinessProcess Holds the task and process ids for the current conversation, and provides programmatic control over the business process.
DataModels Wraps a collection as a JSF DataModel.
FacesContext Support for injecting the JSF FacesContext object
FacesExpressions Factory for method and value bindings in a JSF environment.
FacesManager An extended conversation manager for the JSF environment.
FacesMessages A Seam component that propagates FacesMessages across redirects and interpolates EL expressions in the message string.
FacesPage Book-keeping component that persists information about the conversation associated with the current page.
HttpError Convenient HTTP errors
IsUserInRole Manager component for a map of roles assigned to the current user, as exposed via the JSF ExternalContext.
Parameters Access to request parameters in the JSF environment.
Redirect Convenient API for performing browser redirects with parameters.
Renderer A component for direct rendering of templates.
ResourceLoader Access to application resources in tye JSF environment.
Selector Support for selector objects which remember their selection as a cookie
Switcher Support for the conversation switcher drop-down menu.
UiComponent Access to UIComponents in the current view, by id.
UserPrincipal Manager component for the current user Principal exposed via the JSF ExternalContext.
Validation Allows the application to determine whether the JSF validation phase completed successfully, or if a validation failure occurred.

Exception Summary

Package org.jboss.seam.faces Description

A set of Seam components for working with JSF. Some of these components extend core components and add JSF-specific functionality. Others exist to put a friendly face to JSF.