Package org.jboss.seam.jsf

Integration with the JSF implementation.


Class Summary
ArrayDataModel A JSF DataModel for arrays.
ListDataModel A JSF DataModel for lists - yes, I know, JSF has one, but its not serializable (go figure).
MapDataModel A JSF DataModel for maps.
SeamApplication Proxies the JSF Application object, and adds all kinds of tasty extras.
SeamApplicationFactory Factory for SeamApplication (how could you possibly have figured that out without JavaDoc?)
SeamNavigationHandler Adds three new navigation possibilities beyond the frumpy JSF navigation rules: returning the view id directly, pages.xml, and jPDL-based pageflows.
SeamPhaseListener Manages the Seam contexts associated with a JSF request throughout the lifecycle of the request.
SeamStateManager A wrapper for the JSF implementation's StateManager that allows us to intercept saving of the serialized component tree.
SeamViewHandler Allows the JSF view locale to be integrated with the locale coming from Seam internationalization.
SetDataModel A JSF DataModel for sets.
UnifiedELMethodBinding Deprecated.
UnifiedELValueBinding Deprecated.

Package org.jboss.seam.jsf Description

Integration with the JSF implementation. You're not really interested in the classes in this package.