Interface Mutable

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AbstractMutable, Actor, BusinessProcess, ConversationEntries, EntityHome, HibernateEntityHome, Home, LocaleSelector, MailSession, ManagedHibernateSession, ManagedPersistenceContext, ManagedWorkingMemory, MutableController, MutableEntityController, Pageflow, PersistenceContexts, Redirect, Selector, Session, ThemeSelector, TimeZoneSelector, Transition

public interface Mutable
extends Serializable

Must be implemented by any SESSION or CONVERSATION scoped mutable JavaBean component that will be used in a clustered environment. If this interface is not implemented correctly, changes may not be replicated across the cluster (depending upon the servlet engine implementation).

Gavin King

Method Summary
 boolean clearDirty()
          Get and clear the dirty flag.

Method Detail


boolean clearDirty()
Get and clear the dirty flag.

true if the instance is dirty and requires replication