Package org.jboss.seam.deployment

Scanners and handlers for automatically loading components from deployed archives.


Interface Summary
DeploymentHandler A deployment handler is responsible for processing found resources All deployment handlers should specify a unique name under which they will be registered with the DeploymentStrategy
DeploymentMetadata Metadata about resources the deployment handler is interested in
Scanner The Scanner is used to find resources to be processed by Seam The processing is done by DeploymentHandlers

Class Summary
AbstractDeploymentHandler Abstract base class for DeploymentHandler providing common functionality
AbstractScanner Abstract base class for Scanner providing common functionality This class provides file-system orientated scanning
ComponentDeploymentHandler The ComponentDeploymentHandler process Seam's component annotated with Name
ComponentsXmlDeploymentHandler The ComponentsXmlDeploymentHandler components.xml and .component.xml files
DeploymentStrategy A DeploymentStrategy coordinates the deployment of resources for a Seam application.
DotComponentDotXmlDeploymentHandler The DotComponentDotXmlDeploymentHandler .component.xml files
DotPageDotXmlDeploymentHandler The DotPageDotXmlDeploymentHandler process .page.xml files
ForwardingDeploymentStrategy A decorator for DeploymentStrategy
GroovyDeploymentHandler A deployment handler for (uncompiled) Groovy Seam components
GroovyHotDeploymentStrategy A deployment strategy for hot deploying Seam groovy components
HotDeploymentStrategy A deployment strategy for hot deployable Java Seam components
NamespaceDeploymentHandler A deployment handler for namespaces
StandardDeploymentStrategy The standard deployment strategy used with Seam, deploys non-hot-deployable Seam components and namespaces
TimestampCheckForwardingDeploymentStrategy An accelerated version of the underlying strategy that uses the SimpleURLScanner to determine the timestamp of the latest file.
TimestampScanner A no-op version of the URLScanner that merely returns whether the deployment handler would in fact handle this file.
URLScanner Implementation of Scanner which can scan a URLClassLoader
WarRootDeploymentStrategy A special deployment strategy that can be used to scan the war root.

Package org.jboss.seam.deployment Description

Scanners and handlers for automatically loading components from deployed archives.