Class TimeZones

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public class TimeZones
extends Object

Seam component that provides a list of time zones, limited to time zones with IDs in the form Continent/Place, excluding deprecated three-letter time zone IDs. The time zones returned have a fixed offset from UTC, which takes daylight savings time into account. For example, Europe/Amsterdam is UTC+1; in winter this is GMT+1 and in summer GMT+2.

The time zone objects returned are wrapped in an implementation of TimeZone that provides a more friendly interface for accessing the time zone information. In particular, this type provides a more bean-friend property for the time zone id (id than ID) and provides a convenience property named label that formats the time zone for display in the UI. This wrapper can be disabled by setting the component property wrap to false.

Peter Hilton, Lunatech Research, Dan Allen

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<TimeZone> getTimeZones()
 void init()
 boolean isWrap()
 void setWrap(boolean wrap)
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Constructor Detail


public TimeZones()
Method Detail


public void init()


public List<TimeZone> getTimeZones()


public boolean isWrap()


public void setWrap(boolean wrap)