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Chapter 3. Getting started with Seam, using JBoss Tools

3.1. Before you start

JBoss Tools is a collection of Eclipse plugins. JBoss Tools a project creation wizard for Seam, Content Assist for the Unified Expression Language (EL) in both facelets and Java code, a graphical editor for Seam configuration files, support for running Seam integration tests from within Eclipse, and much more.

In short, if you are an Eclipse user, then you'll want JBoss Tools!

Please read the latest JBoss Tools documentation at

JBoss Tools, as with seam-gen, works best with JBoss AS, but it's possible with a few tweaks to get your app running on other application servers. The changes are much like those described for seam-gen later in this reference manual.

Make sure you have JDK 6, JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final, Eclipse 3.7, the JBoss Tools plugins (at least Seam Tools, the Visual Page Editor and JBoss AS Tools) and the JUnit plugin for Eclipse correctly installed before starting.

Please see the official JBoss Tools Getting started page for the quickest way to get JBoss Tools setup in Eclipse.