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Uses of Route in org.jboss.seam.jms.bridge

Methods in org.jboss.seam.jms.bridge that return Route
 Route Route.addAnnotatedParameter(AnnotatedParameter<?> ap)
 Route Route.addDestinationJndiName(String jndi)
 Route Route.addDestinationQualifiers(Set<Annotation> qualifiers)
 Route Route.addDestinations(Collection<Destination> d)
          Adds a collection of destinations to this route.
 Route Route.addDestinations(Destination... d)
          Add multiple destinations to this route
 Route Route.addQualifiers(Annotation... qualifiers)
          Apply the qualifiers listed to this route.
 Route Route.addQualifiers(Collection<Annotation> q)
          Apply the collection of qualifiers to this route.
<D extends Destination>
Route.connectTo(Class<D> d, D destination)
          Connect this route to a destination.
 Route RouteManager.createInboundRoute(Type payloadType)
          Creates a new Inbound route - listens for incoming JMS messages and fires a CDI event of the incoming type using the configured qualifiers.
 Route RouteManager.createOutboundRoute(Type payloadType)
          Creates a new Outbound route - observes fired events
 Route RouteManager.createRoute(RouteType type, Type payloadType)
          Creates a new instance of a Route based on given RouteType and payload type
 Route RouteLocator.findById(String id)
          Locates a Route by ID.
 Route id)
 Route Route.setType(Type type)

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