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Uses of DestinationBuilder in org.jboss.seam.jms

Methods in org.jboss.seam.jms that return DestinationBuilder
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.connectionFactory(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory)
          Specifies the ConnectionFactory to use.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.destination(Destination destination)
          Adds a Queue to the destinations of this QueueBuilder.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.listen(MessageListener ml)
          Adds the given MessageListeners as listeners on the associated destinations.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.newBuilder()
          Creates a QueueBuilder.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.send(Message m)
          Sends a JMS Message to the destinations associated.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.sendMap(Map m)
          Sends a Map as a JMS Map Message to the destinations associated.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.sendObject(Serializable obj)
          Sends a Serializable Object as an ObjectMessage.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.sendString(String s)
          Sends a String as a JMS TextMessage to the destinations associated.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.sessionMode(int sessionMode)
          Sets the session mode for this Builder.
 DestinationBuilder DestinationBuilder.transacted()
          Toggles the transacted state (default is false) for this builder.

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