Class SeamManagedPersistenceContextCreated

  extended by org.jboss.seam.persistence.SeamManagedPersistenceContextCreated

public class SeamManagedPersistenceContextCreated
extends Object

Event that is fired when the SMPC is created. This allows you to configure the SMPC before it is used, e.g. by enabling Hibernate filters.

NOTE: If you are using EntityTransaction you must not attempt to access the current SeamTransaction from observers for this event, as an infinite loop will result.

NOTE: The entityManger property is the unproxied EntityManager, not the seam proxy.

Stuart Douglas

Constructor Summary
SeamManagedPersistenceContextCreated(EntityManager entityManager)
Method Summary
 EntityManager getEntityManager()
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Constructor Detail


public SeamManagedPersistenceContextCreated(EntityManager entityManager)
Method Detail


public EntityManager getEntityManager()

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