Class AuthorizationCheckEvent

  extended by

public class AuthorizationCheckEvent
extends Object

This event may be used to perform an authorization check. The constructor should be provided with one or more annotation literal values representing the security binding types to be checked. After firing the event, the isPassed() method should be used to determine whether the authorization check was successful.

WARNING - This event should only be fired and observed synchronously. Unpredictable results may occur otherwise.

Shane Bryzak

Constructor Summary
AuthorizationCheckEvent(List<? extends Annotation> bindings)
Method Summary
 List<? extends Annotation> getBindings()
 boolean isPassed()
 void setPassed(boolean value)
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Constructor Detail


public AuthorizationCheckEvent(List<? extends Annotation> bindings)
Method Detail


public List<? extends Annotation> getBindings()


public void setPassed(boolean value)


public boolean isPassed()

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