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Packages that use OAuthService   

Uses of OAuthService in

Classes in that implement OAuthService
 class OAuthServiceBase
          This Abstract implementation of OAuthService uses an OAuthProvider to deal with remote OAuth Services
 class OAuthServiceJackson

Methods in that return OAuthService
 OAuthService MultiServicesManagerImpl.getCurrentService()
 OAuthService MultiServicesManager.getCurrentService()
 OAuthService MultiServicesManagerImpl.getNewService(String serviceName)
 OAuthService MultiServicesManager.getNewService(String serviceName)
          Instantiate a new service from a Service String name

Methods in that return types with arguments of type OAuthService
 Set<OAuthService> MultiServicesManagerImpl.getServices()
 Set<OAuthService> MultiServicesManager.getServices()

Methods in with parameters of type OAuthService
 void MultiServicesManagerImpl.setCurrentService(OAuthService currentService)
 void MultiServicesManager.setCurrentService(OAuthService currentService)
          Set the current service.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type OAuthService
 void SeamSocialExtension.processServicesBeans(ProcessProducer<?,OAuthService> pbean)
          This Listener build the List of existing OAuthServices with a Qualifier having the meta annotation @ServiceRelated

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