Package org.jboss.solder.exception.control

An extensible exception handling handling framework.


Interface Summary
HandlerMethod<T extends Throwable> Meta data interface about an exception handler.
HandlerMethodContainer Injectable container to support programmatic registration of HandlerMethod instances.

Class Summary
CaughtException<T extends Throwable> Payload for an exception to be handled.
ExceptionResponse Base class for setting up messages and responses for exceptions.
ExceptionStack Information about the current exception and exception cause container.
ExceptionStackItem Container for the exception and it's stack trace.
ExceptionToCatch Entry point event into the Catch system.
Precedence List of possible precedence values.

Enum Summary
CaughtException.ExceptionHandlingFlow Flow control enum.
TraversalMode Direction of a exception cause chain traversal.

Annotation Types Summary
CatchResource Used to qualify a resource needed for handling an exception within Solder Catch.
ExceptionHandled Interceptor annotation to wrap a method, or each method of a class, in a try / catch which will pass all exceptions to Solder Catch.
Handles Marker annotation for a method to be considered an Exception Handler.
HandlesExceptions Marker for types containing Exception Handler methods.

Package org.jboss.solder.exception.control Description

An extensible exception handling handling framework.

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