Package org.jboss.shrinkwrap.api

Interface Summary
Archive<T extends Archive<T>> Represents a collection of resources which may be constructed programmatically.
ArchivePath Represents a target context within an Archive under which an Node may be found.
Assignable General interface for representing entities such as Archives, importers and exporters as different extension types.
ExtensionLoader ExtensionLoader Describes a way for the Archive to load extensions.
Filter<T> Used to filter inputs to be added to the target Archive.
GenericArchive Simple Archive extension which closes the generic context as a convenience to users not requiring any spec archive type.
Node Represents an entry inside an Archive.

Class Summary
ArchiveFactory Responsible for creating Archives, which may be presented to the caller in a designated Assignable view.
ArchivePaths A Factory for ArchivePath creation.
Configuration Encapsulates all configuration for a given Domain.
ConfigurationBuilder Mutable construction object for new instances of Configuration.
Domain Encapsulates a shared Configuration to be used by all Archives created by this Domain's ArchiveFactory.
Filters Factory class for the creation of new Filter instances.
ShrinkWrap Main entry point into the ShrinkWrap system.

Enum Summary
ArchiveFormat Supported archive formats known by the base implementation

Exception Summary
IllegalArchivePathException Exception thrown when trying to add a Node on and invalid path within the Archive (i.e. you are trying to add an asset to "/test.txt/somethingelse.txt" where test.txt is an Asset)
UnknownExtensionTypeException Indicates that a default name cannot be generated for a given type because no extension mapping has been configured via ExtensionLoader.getExtensionFromExtensionMapping(Class).

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