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Chapter 5. Apache Maven

5.1. report

JBoss Tattletale integrates with Apache Maven such that you can generate the reports directly from your build environment.

To be able to use the Tattletale Maven plugin in your Maven project, you will have to add the following plugin declaration in the pom.xml of your project:

      <!-- The version of the plugin you want to use -->
 	<!-- This is the location which will be scanned for generating tattletale reports
 	<!-- This is where the reports will be generated -->


By default, the tattletale-maven plugin is attached to the "package" phase of Maven.


Once you have configured your project's pom.xml to include the tattletale-maven plugin, as explained earlier, you can generate the report by running the package goal on your project
mvn clean package

Table 5.1. Apache Maven: report

source The directory that contains the Java archives. Multiple directories can be scanned by separating each with the File.pathSeparator character - f.ex. dir1:dir2 on Un*x.

Default: Current directory

destination The directory where the reports should be generated

Default: Current directory

configuration Path to the configuration file

Default: No value

filter Path to the filter file

Default: No value

reports Contains nested report elements of which reports that should be generated. All reports can be selected by specifying "*". The following reports are supported:
  • classdependants

    The "Class Dependants" report.

  • classdependson

    The "Class DependsOn" report.

  • dependants

    The "Dependants" report.

  • dependson

    The "DependsOn" report.

  • graphviz

    The "Graphical dependencies" report.

  • transitivedependants

    The "Transitive Dependants" report.

  • transitivedependson

    The "Transitive DependsOn" report.

  • circulardependency

    The "Circular Dependency" report.

  • classlocation

    The "Class Location" report.

  • osgi

    The "OSGi" report.

  • sealed

    The "Sealed Information" report.

  • sign

    The "Signing Information" report.

  • eliminatejars

    The "Eliminate Jar files with different versions" report.

  • invalidversion

    The "Invalid version" report.

  • multiplejars

    The "Multiple Jar files" report.

  • multiplejarspackage

    The "Multiple Jar files (Package)" report.

  • multiplelocations

    The "Multiple Locations" report.

  • unusedjar

    The "Unused Jar" report.

  • blacklisted

    The "Black listed" report.

  • noversion

    The "No version" report.

  • jar

    The "Jar archive" report.

Default: All reports

classloader Specifies which classloader structure that should be used when scanning the archives. Can be one of the following:
  • org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.classloader.NoopClassLoaderStructure

    A no-operation classloader structure implementation that doesn't scope any archives.

  • org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.classloader.JBossAS4ClassLoaderStructure

    A classloader structure implementation that scopes based on JBoss Application Server 4.x directory structures.

  • org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.classloader.JBossAS5ClassLoaderStructure

    A classloader structure implementation that scopes based on JBoss Application Server 5.x directory structures.

  • org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.classloader.JBossAS6ClassLoaderStructure

    A classloader structure implementation that scopes based on JBoss Application Server 6.x directory structures.

Default: org.jboss.tattletale.reporting.classloader.NoopClassLoaderStructure

profiles Contains nested profile elements of profiles to resolve against. All profiles can be selected by specifying "*". The following profiles are supported:
  • java5

    The Java 5 API.

  • java6

    The Java 6 API.

  • ee5

    The Java Enterprise Edition 5 API.

  • ee6

    The Java Enterprise Edition 6 API.

  • seam22

    The JBoss Seam 2.2 API.

  • cdi10

    The Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) 1.0 API.

  • spring25

    The Spring 2.5 API.

  • spring30

    The Spring 3.0 API.

Default: <report>java5</report><report>java6</report>

excludes Contains nested exclude elements of directories or files that should be excluded from the scan. F.ex.


Default: Empty list

blacklisted Contains nested blacklist elements of black listed classes or packages. F.ex. <blacklist>com.mycompany.forinternaluseonly</blacklist> <blacklist>com.partner.forinternaluseonly</blacklist>

Default: Empty list

failOnInfo Fail the build if a failed INFO report is found

Default: false

failOnWarn Fail the build if a failed WARN report is found

Default: false

failOnError Fail the build if a failed ERROR report is found

Default: false

deleteOutputDirectory Should the output directory be deleted

Default: true

scan A comma separated list of file extensions that should be scanned

Default: .jar


Note that defining a property in the task overrides the setting in the configuration file.