Class DataNotAvailableException

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    public class DataNotAvailableException
    extends TeiidRuntimeException
    Used by asynch connectors to indicate data is not available and results should be polled for after the given delay in milliseconds or until a Date is reached.
    Note that delays are not guaranteed unless strict is set to true. With strict false, the delay is the maximum amount of time before the plan will be re-queued for execution. There are several scenarios that would cause the delay to be shorter, such as multiple sources where one source returns a shorter delay or if the engine believes more work is to be done before allowing the plan to sit idle.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DataNotAvailableException

        public DataNotAvailableException()
        Uses a delay of 0, which implies an immediate poll for results.
      • DataNotAvailableException

        public DataNotAvailableException​(long retryDelay)
        Uses the given retryDelay. Negative values indicate that the engine should not poll for results (see also NO_POLLING and will be notified via the ExecutionContext.dataAvailable() method.
        retryDelay - in milliseconds
      • DataNotAvailableException

        public DataNotAvailableException​(Date waitUntil)
        Instructs the engine to wait until the Date is met before getting results. By default this will be strictly enforced, meaning that no attempt will be made to get results before the given Date.
        waitUntil -
    • Method Detail

      • getRetryDelay

        public long getRetryDelay()
      • getWaitUntil

        public Date getWaitUntil()
      • isStrict

        public boolean isStrict()
        If the delay or Date is strictly enforced then the execution will not asked for results until after that time or until ExecutionContext.dataAvailable() is called.
      • setStrict

        public void setStrict​(boolean strict)