Class MongoDBDirectQueryExecution

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Execution, ProcedureExecution, ResultSetExecution

    public class MongoDBDirectQueryExecution
    extends MongoDBBaseExecution
    implements ProcedureExecution
    This enables the Direct Query execution of the MongoDB queries. For that to happen the procedure invocation needs to be like {code} native('CollectionName;{$match : { \"CompanyName\" : \"A\"}};{$project : {\"CompanyName\", "userName}}', [param1, param2]) {code} the first parameter must be collection name, then the arguments must match the aggregation pipeline structure delimited by semi-colon (;) between each pipeline statement select x.* from TABLE(call native('city;{$match:{"city":"FREEDOM"}}')) t, xmltable('/city' PASSING JSONTOXML('city', cast(array_get(t.tuple, 1) as BLOB)) COLUMNS city string, state string) x select JSONTOXML('city', cast(array_get(t.tuple, 1) as BLOB)) as col from TABLE(call native('city;{$match:{"city":"FREEDOM"}}')) t;