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Chapter 1. Connecting to Your Enterprise Information System

1.1. The Teiid System

The Teiid System offers your organization a way to manage and describe the information across your disparate enterprise information systems. You can even integrate these enterprise information systems into a single, complete data access solution using the Teiid Server.

The entire Teiid System is comprised of several interconnected products and services:

The Teiid System, when used in its totality, enables your end user applications to process queries that select (and even update) data from one or more of your enterprise information sources, regardless of the native physical data storage method used by each enterprise information system. This means that a single query can access, reference, and return results from multiple integrated data sources.

Within the Teiid System, the Teiid products (including the Teiid Designer, the Teiid Server), enable you to create and manage metadata models: representations describing the nature and content of your enterprise information systems.

Once captured, this valuable metadata can searched, analyzed, and applied by applications throughout your enterprise.