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Chapter 8. Monitored Connectors

8.1. Overview
8.2. Monitored Connector Framework Overview
8.3. Using The Framework

The Teiid Connector API contains an optional interface that allows connectors to be automatically monitored by the Teiid Enterprise Server or checked via the Teiid Admin API.  

This UML diagram shows the classes involved in the monitored connector classes.  

The table below lists the role of each class in the framework.

To support connector monitoring, your Connector implementation must extend the MonitoredConnector interface and implement the single getStatus() method to return a ConnectionStatus.  

A monitored connector will be polled for status in the Teiid Enterprise Server (connector monitoring is not supported on Teiid Query or Dimension products).  The poll rate is the value of the metamatrix.server.serviceMonitorInterval system property, which can be set in the Teiid Console.  This property defaults to 60 seconds.  If the ConnectionStatus indicates an AliveStatus of DEAD, then the connector is marked in the service registry as “data source unavailable”.  If the ConnectionStatus indicates an AliveStatus of ALIVE, the connector is marked as “open”.  An AliveStatus of UNKNOWN does not change the state of the registry.

In addition, the Admin API can be used in Teiid Query and Teiid Enterprise to obtain the status of connectors at runtime.  For more information, see the Admin API Javadoc.