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Chapter 13. Searching

13.1. Finding Model Objects
13.2. Search Transformation SQL
13.3. Search Models Via Metadata Properties

Designer provides multiple search actions located via Teiid Designer sub-menu in Eclipses Search menu. Search menu.

Search Options

Figure 13.1. Search Options

The Teiid Designer provides a name-based search capability to quickly locate and display model objects.

The Teiid Designer provides a search capability to string values present in transformation SQL text.

You can select individual objects and view the SQL. If a table or view supports updates and there is insert, update or delete SQL present, you can expand the object and select the individual SQL type as shown below.

If you wish to view the selected object and its SQL in a Model Editor, you can click the Edit button. An editor will be opened if not already open. If an editor is open its tab will be selected. In addition, the Transformation Editor will be opened and you can perform Find/Replace (Ctrl-F) actions to highlight your original searched text string and edit your SQL if you wish.

The Teiid Designer provides a search capability to find model objects that are characterized by one or more metadata property values.