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Chapter 11. Web Service Wizards

11.1. Generating a JBossWS-CXF War
11.2. Generating a RESTEasy War

Teiid Designer allows you to expose your VDBs via a SOAP or REST interface. JBossWS-CXF or RESTEasy wars can be generated based on models within your VDBs. This section describes these wizards in detail.

The Teiid Designer provides web service generation capabilities in the form of a JBossWS-CXF war. Once you have added your Web Service Models as described in Section 7.5, “Creating Web Service View Model” to your VDB, deployed the VDB to a running Teiid instance and created your VDB's data source, you are ready to expose the web service using the generated war.

In Teiid Designer, it is also possible to expose your VDBs over REST using a generated RESTEasy war. Also, if your target virtual model has update, insert and delete SQL defined, you can easily provide CRUD capabilities via REST. Accepted inputs into the generated REST operations are URI path parameters and/or XML. The only output at this time is an XML document.