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Chapter 3. Server Management

3.1. Setting up a Server
3.1.1. Teiid Version Support

Teiid Designer is a design-time tool that allows setting up and testing deployable VDB artifacts. In order to deploy and test these VDB's a running JBoss application server is required that contains an installed Teiid submodule. This section describes how to set up, connect and maintain your servers and describes the various aspects of what features in Teiid Designer are enabled by this connection and how you can leverage these capabilities.

Teiid is installed as a component of JBoss hence connection to a Teiid Server requires the setting up and configuration of its parent JBoss Server. This is achieved using the Server View, see Section D.2.3, “Server View”, displayed as part of the Teiid Designer perspective. The detailed procedures for creating a JBoss Server configuration can be found in the documentation provided at http://www.jboss.org/tools/docs/reference. Thus, brief steps are only outlined here.

If no servers have been previously created then the Server View will display a new server hyperlink. To create a new JBoss Server configuration, click the hyperlink.

Navigate through the wizard, configuring the details of the JBoss Server including its Runtime location, hostname and whether its externally managed. The final property determines whether the server is instantiated within the IDE or whether it is installed and started independently. Should the latter be the case then the Server View merely assumes connection to the independent server.

As illustrated, the server has been installed with a Teiid Server and on clicking the green start button, Designer has successfully connected to the server, resulting in the display of the Teiid Server's configuration.

JBoss Tools provides an editor for the configuration of the JBoss Server. In addition, Designer provides an extra tab to this editor that displays the configuration of the Teiid Server. Only a few options can be modified since most of the configuration is determined by the parent JBoss Server. This editor can be displayed by double-clicking on any node in the JBoss Server tree.