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Chapter 2. Download and install Hibernate Tools

2.1. JBoss Tools
2.2. Eclipse IDE
2.2.1. Using Eclipse WTP
2.3. Ant

Hibernate Tools™ can be used "standalone" via Ant 1.6.x or fully integrated into an Eclipse + WTP based IDE, such as the case with JBDS/JBoss Tools™, or a default Eclipse + WTP installation. The following sections describe the install steps in these environments.


The Hibernate Tools 3.4.0™ (the current release version) requires Eclipse Helios (3.6).

JBoss Tools 3.4.0™ (the latest release) includes Hibernate Tools 3.3.0™ and thus no additional steps are required beyond downloading and installing JBoss Tools™. If you need to update to a newer version of the Hibernate Tools™ just follow the instructions in Section 2.2, “Eclipse IDE”.

To install the Hibernate Tools™ into any Eclipse 3.6™ based IDE you can either use the JBoss Tools Update Site.


If you need more detailed instructions on plugin installation and general usage of Eclipse™ then check out https://eclipse-tutorial.dev.java.net/ and especially https://eclipse-tutorial.dev.java.net/visual-tutorials/updatemanager.html which covers the use of the update manager.

To use the tools via Ant™ you need the hibernate-tools.jar file and associated libraries. The libraries are included in the distribution from the Hibernate™ website and the Eclipse™ update site. The libraries are located in the Eclipse™ plugins directory at /plugins/org.hibernate.eclipse.x.x.x/lib/tools/. These libraries are 100% independent from the Eclipse™ platform. How to use the Hibernate Tools™ via Ant™ tasks is described in Chapter 5, Ant Tools.