JBoss AS Tools 3.1.0.M1 - New and Noteworthy

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Deploy compressed archives

Our JBoss WTP Server adapters until now published all projects in exploded form for ease of development and much faster deployment. Sometimes though you are working where you would like the projects to be deployed compressed. This is now possible to enable in the server editor. If you enable this all projects that are deployed to that server will be compressed instead of in an exploded folder.

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Flexible Server Configurations

When you create a Server runtime in JBoss Tools you can now adjust which directory will be used as the server configuration root allowing you to use a configuration from outside the JBoss installation. Furthermore you can now easily copy a configuration to allow for futher customization.

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1 second publishing interval

JBoss AS servers now have a default 1 second publishing interval between file changed and publish to circumvent that Eclipse WebTools in recent releases started having a 15 second interval.

This makes the development turnaround much better out-of-the-box. Of course if you prefer longer wait time you can open the server editor and set the value to what you wish.

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Project Archives

User Libraries fileset

If you use use User Libraries in your projects you can now also refer to these from project archives and have all the .jar/.zip files they refer included into the archive.

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