JBoss AS Tools 3.1.0.M3 - New and Noteworthy

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Configure filesets for Servers

There is now a preference page for configuring default filesets for server types.

This can be used to setup which files inside the server configuration you wish to have easy access from the Server view, i.e. define **/*-log4j.xml for JBoss servers if you want to easily access the logging configuration files.

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JBoss configuration Variable

You can now use ${jboss_config} to refer to the selected JBoss Configuration to allow for portable filesets.

Since this variable is an Eclipse Variable it can even be used in launch configurations and similar places. Here a specific server/runtime needs to be named, i.e. ${jboss_config:JMyBoss4}.

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Updated icons/images to new JBoss logo

The new wizards for Server types now uses the new JBoss logo

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