JBoss AS Tools 3.3.0.M4 What's New

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Support for JDK7

JBoss AS Tools now supports JDK7 in WTP facets.

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Support for Web Fragments

We added support for web fragments in M4. Web fragment projects are now deployed as jar files to JBoss AS6 and AS7.

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OpenShift Express Adapter

JBoss AS Tools now introduces a server adapter that is able to publish OpenShift Express applications to the Red Hat PaaS. The server adapter is created when you import an OpenShift Express application with our tools. Our adapter allows you to publish the changes within your eclipse project. It commits and pushes behind the scenes and offers you the most convenient pusblishing method so far.

server adapter

server adapter editor

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Deploy OSGI projects to AS7

JBoss AS7 offers an impressive OSGI runtime. We therefore added the capability to deploy osgi projects to an AS7 instance in prior versions of JBoss tools. We still had minor bugs when deploying those projects. We fixed those bugs and now offer flawless behaviour.

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Run on Server now waits

If you want to check your application running on the app server, you'd have to start it's deployment and pick Run As/Run on Server afterwards. In many cases your browser then showed a 404 "Not Found". The reason for this was that the browser did not wait until the deployment was successfully started. This has been fixed, and now the browser is only shown when the server has completed its duties.

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ESB Runtime detection

The JBoss Runtime Detection now recognizes a ESB Runtime from a SOA-P product

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Download and Install JBoss Runtimes

The JBoss Runtime Detection can download and install a JBoss Runtime.
There is the Download button on the JBoss Tools Runtime Detection preferences page.

JBoss Tools Runtime Detection

When clicking it, you will get a dialog showing runtimes available for download.


If you select a runtime you want to download and click the OK button, the following dialog will show up:

Download Runtime


  • Install folder - the folder where the runtime will be installed to
  • Download folder - the folder where the archive will be downloaded to
  • Delete archive after installing - uncheck this checkbox if you want to save the archive to the download folder.

Click the OK button and the Runtime Detection engine will download and setup the JBoss Runtime.

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