JBoss AS Tools 3.3.0.M5 What's New

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Support for AS 7.1

JBoss AS Tools now supports JBoss AS 7.1 beta1b and should work with newer releases of AS 7.1 too. The support includes a new server adapter type (JBoss AS 7.1.x). JBoss AS 7.1 also includes new security features restricting access to the remote management services if you are not running as the same user as AS 7 is started with. The new 7.1 adapter includes support for managing and using such credentials.

credentials dialog

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Run On Server supported for EAR projects

Previously nothing happend when you attempted to "Run on Server" on an EAR project. Now our server adapters will load the url for the first found WAR project on it.

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Deep-Nested project deployment support

Nesting deployments several layers deep, such as having a utility jar nested inside another utility project, now functions as expected.

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Actions to load AS Management urls

The most commonly bundled apps for JBoss servers now appear in the server view's context menu. Right-click on the server, select "Show In", and you will see options such as the JMX Console, Admin Console, and Web Console.

show in management console

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Usability improvement for "Mark As Deployable" feature

We've seen many users use "Mark as Deployable" on individual resources instead of deploying the project directly. They were not aware of the project being runnable/deployable on the server adapter.

Thus now when a user attempts to "Mark as Deployable" on a resource within a project which is already a deployable module, a dialog is shown, advising about their options.

mark deployable

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