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CDI (JSR-299)

Quick Fixes

New quick fixes for the following problems found by CDI validator are now available:

  • Stereotype annotation type must be annotated with one of @Target('{'TYPE, METHOD, FIELD'}'), @Target('{'METHOD, FIELD'}'), @Target('{'TYPE'}'), @Target('{'METHOD'}'), @Target('{'FIELD'}') [JSR-299 2.7.1]
  • Stereotype/Qualifier/Scope annotation type must be annotated with @Retention(RUNTIME)
  • Qualifier annotation type must be annotated with @Target('{'TYPE, METHOD, FIELD, PARAMETER'}') or @Target('{'FIELD, PARAMETER'}') [JSR-299 2.3.2, 10.1]
  • Scope annotation type must be annotated with @Target('{'TYPE, METHOD, FIELD'}') [JSR-299 2.4.2]
  • Stereotype declares a non-empty @Named annotation [JSR-299]
  • Interceptor/Decorator has a name [JSR-299 2.5.3]
  • Stereotype cannot be annotated @Typed [JSR-299]
  • Annotation-valued or array-valued member of a qualifier or interceptor binding type must be annotated @Nonbinding [JSR-299 5.2.5, 9.5.2]
  • Bean constructor cannot have a parameter annotated @Disposes/@Observes [JSR-299 3.7.1]
  • Producer or Observer method has a parameter annotated @Disposes/@Observes [JSR-299 3.3.2, 10.4.2]
  • Producer method or field cannot be annotated @Inject [JSR-299 3.3.2, 3.4.2]
  • Bean class of a session bean cannot be annotated @Interceptor/@Decorator [JSR-299 3.2]
  • Producer cannot be declared in an interceptor/decorator [JSR-299 3.3.2]
  • Interceptor/Decorator has a method annotated @Disposes/@Observes [JSR-299 3.3.6, 10.4.2]
  • Interceptor/Decorator is annotated @Specializes [JSR-299 4.3.1]

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Ctrl+Shift+G (Search for references)

Search for references (Ctrl+Shift+G) now works for bean classes and finds all the injection points and ELs that inject/use the bean.

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Filter for validation problem preferences

JSR-299 and CDI Extensions Validator have more than 100 validation rules available in Preferences page. But now you can filter them to show only relevant ones.

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Seam 3

Seam Solder Hyperlinks (OpenOns)

@Resource injected into a java field/parameter can now be navigated to via OpenOn. Just press Ctrl and click on the declaration, e.g. @Inject @Resource("WEB-INF/beans.xml") to open the corresponding beans.xml.

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Also you can navigate to all the available generic bean for the injected configuration.

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Seam Solder Validation

A few validation rules were added to CDI-Seam3 Tools to validate Seam Generic Beans.

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Seam Config

Bean injected via in beans.xml can now be navigated (Ctrl+Click) to via OpenOn.

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Seam International

Bundles bean from Seam International module is now available for EL code completion, OpenOns, validation, refactoring, etc.

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Seam Servlet

Injection points annotated @RequestParam/@HeaderParam/@CookieParam are now ignored by CDI validator since it's imposible in design time to know what bean will be injected.

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Seam Persistence

CDI Tools now recognizes @Inject EntityManager manager; or @Inject Session session; if the corresponding producers defined it the project. CDI validation and OpenOns work with such an injections now.

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