Forge Tools 3.3.0.M3 What's New

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New Embedded Forge Runtime

The embedded bundled runtime is now the 1.0.0.Beta1 release of Forge. The 1.0.0.Beta1 is also now the minimum requirement for any external Forge runtime since we are now integrating with newly provided API in Forge for better integration.

Plugin Structure Change

The Forge Tools now consists of four plugins:

  • : contains all the non-ui related classes such as the Forge runtime launcher and the runtime preferences
  • : contains all the ui related classes such as the Forge console view and the preference pages
  • : contains the default embedded runtime; for 3.3.0.M3 this is the 1.0.0.Beta1 release of Forge
  • : contains an additional module with extra classes that is added to the module path when the Forge runtime starts up; these classes enable the communitation between the Forge runtime and the tools

UI Enhancements

Progress Monitor

When starting the Forge runtime a progress monitor and a startup pane indicate the startup status to let you know Forge is working.

Command Quick Access

There is now a keyboard shortcut that brings up a pop-up with a list of commands that can be applied in the current context. By default this command is 'Ctrl+4' (or 'Cmd+4' on OS X). Typing in the text box at the top of the pop-up filters the list of commands to contain only those matching the typed String. Double-clicking one of the commands results in the command being inserted in the Forge Console, in future versions we will expand on this UI for even smoother integration/access to Forge.