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Materializing Classpath Library improvements

A few improvements were made to the Materialize Classpath Libraries feature, introduced in JBoss Tools 3.3.0.M4

  • The "Copy as" column, which allows you to rename the copied file in it's destination folder, is now editable under Windows.
  • There is a new option to retain the "source" attachment to classpath entries. Since these links contain the hard-coded path to the source file, it's disabled by default.
  • A warning is displayed if you're about to materialize the Maven Classpath Library, as this will also remove the Maven nature from the project.
  • When the Maven nature is removed from the project, the exclusion patterns on the resource folders (**) are also removed.
  • The wizard tries to best guess the destination folder location : if it's a web project, it'll use either <project>/src/main/webapp/lib or <project>/WebContent/lib, depending on what folder already exists. For other projects, it'll use <project>/lib by default

Again, feedbacks on this feature are very welcome. You can follow existing related issues using this link. Please use the "materialize_library" label when submitting new issues.

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